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West Yorkshire Rendering Specialists, based in the Leeds, Bradford area, are a rendering company with over 30 years in the rendering industry. We have lots of experience with many different types of render, from traditional renders, to the latest in coloured waterproof silicone rendering. Our company specialises in K Rend Waterproof Colour Silicone render. Not only does coloured render look great but it is also maintenance free, if marked simply wash down with clean water and soft brush. Please browse through our latest jobs and give us a call to find out more. 30 Year Guarantee for all work.

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Rendering of Harrogate Sports & Fitness Centre

rendering harrogate sports centre yorkshire

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WINTER SOLUTIONS – Fully Waterproof System

For the last several years we have been silicone rendering all year round as we use all the right materials and with over 30 years’ experience in external coatings systems we have the knowledge and expertise to make this system work all year round. We still offer a 30 Year guarantee with the work we do all year round in all weather conditions. So please don’t be put off by winter conditions e.g. rain, snow, freezing conditions etc, as we have the experience to deal with this. If you call any time between September to the end of January you will automatically receive a 10% DISCOUNT on all orders placed.

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Colour Render Sampler

Below you can view a sample of different colours of render that WYRS offer. It is hard to imagine one colour all over a home from a small sample so we created our own colour render sampler. Click through the slideshow below to see the house in a variety of colours.